Case Study: Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign

Connect360 designed a robust six-month internet marketing campaign designed to drive qualified audiences to the organization’s website.

  • Client: A national medical association and leading resource for foot and ankle health
  • Objective: A recruitment campaign designed to reach and encourage aspiring medical students to consider podiatry as a career choice
  • Target Audience: High school, college and pre-med students and their parents

Strategy & Results

The multi-faceted approach included:

  • Targeted video pre-roll
  • Behavioral and retargeting technology
  • Mobile marketing
  • YouTube
  • Google search engine marketing (SEM)

Combined Results

  • 6.5+ million combined online audience impressions
  • 1+ million video views
  • 227,000+ relevant clicks to the website

About The Author

Julie Ellman

Julie Ellman is a Partner and Senior Vice President at Connect360 Multimedia in the Bay Area office. For over 25 years Julie has been a strategic media counselor for all types of nonprofits, associations, government organizations and PR/marketing firms.

About Connect 360

Connect360 is a leading media placement agency driving measurable results for some of Charity Navigator’s highest-ranked nonprofits, well-known associations, government agencies and public relations/marketing firms.

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