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In-Kind Donations, Nothing is Better Than Free

If you’re in a leadership position at a non-profit, you’ve probably heard about in-kind donations or gifts in kind. Some nonprofits build their programs around these types of donations, others avoid them because they can be tricky to store, value, and manage.   In our work with non-profit organizations across the country, we’ve seen the…


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Three Voices to Listen to When Conducting a Social Media Audit

A social media audit is a thorough assessment of how you manage your brand online. It should examine which platforms you are using, the nature…

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The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Thanksgiving is a time to gather around the table with those closest to you to reflect – hopefully with gratitude – on the year past….

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26.2 Meaningful Miles

Marathon race winners_141946531

It’s Marathon Week here in New York City. Barricades and bleachers are already set up at the finish line in Central Park, as the crisp autumn…

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Three Ways to Give Back this Fall

We are having some beautiful fall weather here in New York City.  It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to get outside and…

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New Service: Video Pre-Roll

Connect360 is now offering Video Pre-Roll as one of our guaranteed placement options.  Increasingly, clients are asking to get their video content placed and viewed…

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Mobile Advertising and the Ad Blocking Controversy

“People block ads because they can, and if they can block more ads they will.” Last week, Apple began allowing ad blocking apps through its…

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The Benefits and Shortcomings of Facebook’s “Donate Now” Button

Last week, Facebook launched its new “Donate Now” button.  Some say that it is a “small win” for nonprofits, because this new feature serves as…

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Back to School Blues

It is coming and we cannot deny it.  Each morning as my alarm goes off at 6 AM the sky seems just a little bit darker…

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Three Thoughts on Online Radio

As I sit here writing this blog post, while my Spotify “Deep Focus” playlist plays in the background, I can’t help but notice just how…

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‘Speak Up For Kids’ This Summer

It’s summertime!  School is out.  Camp is in.  Sunshine and smiles reign. But for the more than 15 million children in the U.S. struggling with…

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